For Sell-Side Intermediaries

VeriQuest Private Capital's commitment to you and to your Client:

  • Thorough: We carefully, thoughtfully analyze.
  • Responsive: We are decisive and responsive.
  • Focused: We only visit when we are attracted to investing. Our decision makers strive to quickly understand your Client’s business.
  • Creative & Flexible Capital: Our dynamic funding sources allow us to create a customized transaction structure that fits your Client's business and deal structure sensitivities.
  • Thoughtful: We have demonstrated our capacity to work through tough transaction issues.
  • Consistent: Your Client will experience continuity because the same team visits, closes and manages investments.
  • Successful: We have a long track record of helping build great businesses and generating attractive returns.
  • Reliable: Our reputation, capital base and conservative use of leverage increase the certainty of close.
  • Efficient: We close our investments quickly and with minimum disruption to your Client’s business.

You (and our deal flow network, in general) are critical to our continued success. We firmly believe the quantity of potential investments we consider significantly affects the quality of our investments.