Private Equity Investments

VeriQuest Private Capital invests in businesses with $2 - $25+ million of EBITDA and then actively works with existing ownership & management to help their businesses achieve their growth and profitability potential and to maximize stakeholder value.

Our principals have an average of over 50 years of investment experience and have invested over $400 million across a range of transaction types and through multiple business cycles. In addition, our principals have closed over $40 billion of transactions on an advisory basis.

Investment Criteria

  • Revenues: $10 - $250 million.
  • EBITDA Range: $2 - $25+ million (if we see significant future growth potential, we will lower our EBITDA threshold).
  • Sector/Industry: Generalists. However, we typically focus on the Consumer, Industrial, Business Services, Distribution, Energy Products and Services, Health-care Services and Late Stage/Mature Technology sectors/industries.
  • Geography: All U.S. and we can be especially responsive to opportunities in or around Texas.
  • Ownership: We have an interest in all ownership types, but we have a particular interest in working actively with entrepreneur/family-owned businesses to help them grow their businesses and achieve their full potential over the long-term.

Transaction Types

Adaptive, flexible and focused on increasing stakeholder value:

  • Control: Generally direct control investments, but we may also make co-investments alongside a control investor and, selectively, we may make minority investments.
        - Recapitalizations: Owners who seek partial liquidity for themselves or other shareholders.
        - Buyouts: Majority sale and liquidity for existing owners.
  • Growth Capital: Positive cash flow companies that need capital and resources to expand their businesses, pursue growth initiatives or complete strategic acquisitions.

Note: Our interest and intent is to remain strategic, but we do help operationally when needed. And, our strategic and operational advice/help improves Economic Performance: "VeriQuest significantly improved our results."

Value Added Partner

VeriQuest works in partnership with existing owners and management to add value to portfolio companies in many ways including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Growing internally by adding sales and account management personnel and by optimizing sales processes to keep existing customers happy while also adding new customers.
  • Growing internally by expanding the operational capacity of each business by adding/improving/implementing systems, equipment, processes and people required to grow while also being customer-focused.
  • Growing internally by helping location-based businesses grow geographically.
  • Growing externally through synergistic acquisitions to expand geographically and broaden product offerings.
  • Adding additional management, where needed, to ensure redundancy and reliability, so growth can be managed more effectively.
  • Adding/improving/implementing technology to increase productivity and efficiency to maximize profitability.
  • Adding/improving/implementing technology to enhance reporting and the ability to more effectively manage and grow.

These and other value-added activities help businesses to achieve their significant growth potential and to maximize stakeholder value.

How to Work with VeriQuest

VeriQuest Private Capital welcomes inquiries from:
  • Founders, Owners and/or Strategic Managers considering a "capital or liquidity event" (selling, diversifying, acquiring or in need of capital).
  • Sell-Side Intermediaries representing potential transactions.
  • Buy-Side Intermediaries: We pay market fees to buy-side advisors who originate transactions on our behalf.
  • Strategic Managers interested in buying their company and willing to have a value-added capital partner.
  • Investors interested in working with VeriQuest Private Capital.
  • We welcome referrals from accountants, lawyers and other professionals.

Please direct inquiries to:
  • VeriQuest Private Capital, LP
    13355 Noel Road, Suite 1100
    Dallas, TX 75240
  • Email:
  • Dallas, TX | (214) 257-7817
  • Houston, TX | (713) 527-9898